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> Quebec a Montreal, but these are the only places in North America where
> you can get a culture on all the world cinema. Montreal is the only city
> in North America where you can see films from all over the world:
> Chineese, Russian, Latin Americam, Europe, etc., usualy in original
> version with subtitles in French or in English.
umm, perhaps i misunderstand what it is you are saying, but i have
certainly not had a problem finding films from the above mentioned
countries, playing in town here, with subtitles often enuff.  perhaps
montreal isn't the *only* city in north america where such a feat is
possible, although i will admit that my classes are for the most part
taught in english.  new york city seems to offer quite a few resources
for the curious student.  this is not to downplay the uniqueness of
montreal, mind you.  :)