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>May I suggest Canada as a possibility, if only that exchange rate will extend
>your dollar (for much the same reason a lot of american film is shot here,
>i.e. Toronto).
>Some schools follow (I know not which is best, but that all have produced
>successful film types working here, and in New York and L.A.) ---
>Simon Fraser U, Burnaby (Metro Vancouver), B.C.
>York U, North York (Metro Toronto), Ontario
>Ryerson U, Toronto, Ontario
>Concordia U, Montreal, Quebec
>Randy Kennedy
  These schools are quite good for film production, but none of them are
really good for Cinema Studies per say.  If you are interested in film
theory, history, or criticism, your best bet is in the United States, this
is especially true at the graduate level.
  The Canadian schools that offer courses in Cinema Studies -- like the
University of Toronto, York University, Concordia University,  University
of British Columbia (UBC), etc.-- can't compete with the likes of NYU,
Iowa, Madison, USC, UCLA, and countless others.  The American schools
simply have better resources, access to archives, and better instructors.
IMHO, going to English Canada for a Cinema Studies Ph.d or Masters degree
should only be done if you can't afford to  go to the States.
  If you want to study film production, another good school is Sheridan
College, in Oakville (near Toronto), Ontario. It has very good equipement,
including digital non-linear  editing facilities, and very good digital
post audio facilities.
  If your interests are in animation, then you should consider Sheridan
College, noted by industry types as  North America's best animation school,
featuring many former Disney Studios animators as instructors.
  Overall, the Canadian schools strengths are in the technical areas of
film: production, post-production, and animation. However, Cinema Studies
is not a strong point, though many schools are competent at the
undergraduate level.
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