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The screenplay, by Marguerite Duras (trans. Richard Seaver) is published as a
paperback by Grove Press, and can be easily ordered from them. I have
recently published a rather lengthy essay on the film, which might prove
helpful if for nothing else the information in the footnotes (also lengthy).
Here is the bibliographical information on that essay:
Earl Jackson, Jr., "Desire at Cross(cultural) Purposes: *Hiroshima, Mon
Amour* and *Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence,*" Positions 2.1 (Spring 1994):
*Positions* is a new cultural studies journal focusing on East Asia,
published by Duke University Press. The issue in which this article appears
is a special issue entitled *Circuits of Desire,* guest edited by Yukiko
If I can be of any further assistant, please don't hesitate to email me.
Sincerely, Earl Jackson, Jr., Associate Professor, University of California,
Santa Cruz.