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>r. k.--
>Why all the uproar about the buggery scene in PULP FICTION (many people have
>mentioned it)?  Yes, it was unpleasant but (I must climb upon the feminist
>soapbox for a brief moment) how many scenes of rape/violence against women
>are depicted each year in many, many films with little or no comment.
> However, when a man is raped in a movie, it's the source of much discussion.
Dear Amy,
I see it as the ultimate in political correctness to depict the rape of a
man--it's one form of rape that doesn't victimize (and hence draw fire
from) women and most men won't want to address it--hence it is a safe
topic.  Tarrantino may well have wanted to depict rape involving women (as
Kubrick did in A Clockwork Orange) but knew the heat he would take for
doing so.  Men probably aren't going to protest the scene of forced sodomy
because in general they don't want to identify with it.
-r. k. ferncase
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