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Well, I'm glad that you got so much out of last week's Oscars. This
year, more than any other year, I have realised that they are an
American event. Now this might sound like I'm bringing up the
International debate again...but hold on. The fact that everyone else
in the world gets so many American films and are so popular is just
that--a fact. This does not mean necessarily that we want to watch the
awards ceremony celebrating their splendour or otherwise. I wish to
make this distinction clear. The Oscars are pretty much predictable
these days in any case. And yes they do betray a conservatism, and
yes they do demonstrate the dominance of WASPish culture, and all of
those other PC chestnuts. But let us not fool ourselves...who hasn't
read Chomsky?
Eoin O Mahony
Dublin, Ireland.