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On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, William Brooks wrote:
> As a followup on the question of racism at the Oscars and in Hollywood in
> general, could someone in the know please tell me if the major European
> film festivals - Cannes, Venice, Berlin, etc. are as Eurocentric in their
> awarding of prizes as the Academy is in theirs?
        Venice Film Festival, 1994:
        Leone d'Oro to: *Vive l'Amour*-- Taiwan
                        *Before the Rain*--Macedonia (you might consider
that Eurocentric, but at least is not Western Europe).
        What I can say about Venice is that the selection of films shown
is not exclusively Eurocentric.
        Cannes?  Well, you know who won the Palme (sp?) d'Or last year. :-(
        Gloria Monti