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>Does anybody know the snail-mail address, or fax or email of a company=
> called "Sound Ideas?" It is my understanding that they are located in=
> Toronto (Canada). They have made a collection of sound effects in CD=B4s=
> that I think is very good. Anybody knows any other collection of sound=
> effects CD=B4s.
>Thanks in advance.
Yes: there's a company in Hollywood called "The Hollywood Edge" that has a
sound effects set that is in my opinion much better than sound ideas. It's
demo CD is free and you may even recognize some of the cuts. Very punchy and
all digital, unlike the Sound Ideas set. Check it out:
1-800-663-4757 (in Canada)
1-800-292-3755 (in U.S.)
7060 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 90028
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