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> Does anyone have information about the Russian film that won--and whether it
> "deserved" it more than the Macedonian, Cuban and Tawainese candidates?
        The director--Nikita Mikhalkov, also made *Oci Ciornie/Dark Eyes*
(1987) which won Mastroianni best actor at the Cannes Film Festival and it
was the last film Silvana Mangano made before she dies.
        Other films which got international distribution were: *An
Unfinished Piece for a Mechanichal Piano* (1977),  *Oblomov* (1980), and
*Urga* (1991).
        His brother, Andrei Konchalovsky made *Maria's Lovers* (1985) with
Nastassjia Kinski and *Tango and Cash* (1989).
        Gloria Monti