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> Subject:       Re: "White" wins at Oscars!
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>  People were really upset  last year in Cannes,
> when <sarcastic mode on> such american trash as Pulp Fiction defeated
> Kieslowski's Red <sarcastic mode off>.
> BTW, did you yankees know that parts of the european parlament, mainly the
> French part, again, is promoting a legal limit to the import of U.S.
> programs. This is NOT a joke!
     Correction, Ulf:  it IS a joke!  :-)
     Personally, I'm waiting for the laws limiting the legal
importation of non-Europeans.  Actually, that's been done too.  What
a strange world we live in!   Seriously though, I wonder how we
expect to preserve European culture by sealing it up heremetically in
a box, or bashing American films and TV.  Certainly, Europe produces
commercial product every bit as trashy as America's.  Just watch any
soap opera; or come to Britain and turn on ITV for a free
                                                          Ian Lindley
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