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At 10:47 AM 4/4/95 -0500, Birgit Kellner wrote:
Also, what does it mean to be
>a "TV/Popular Culture proponent"? TV is there, popular culture is there,
>films are there, and some people think about the ones, some think about
>the others. Not everybody has to think about everything.
I'd guess that a "proponent" of popular culture/TV is (although is not
limited to) someone who actively disagrees with the (ill-conceived, I'd
say, not to mention a bit moralistic and elitist) hierarchization of these
moving pictures into films, movies, etc.  Although I share many of the
concerns voiced by members of this list group regarding the "quality" of
many of the most popular television programs and movies today, I find the
discussion of them no less problematic when conducted on these elitist