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I know exactly what you mean. I, too, thought that _Priscilla_ and _Pulp
Fiction_ were much better, or shouls I say more interesting films that
should have gotten more Oscars. However, a friend of mine pointed out
something to take into consideration - Who does the voting for the Oscars?
Unless I am mistaken (and I may very well be), it is a bunch of older,
more "civilized", more traditional industry people, who may not appreciate
the innovation that these movies represent. Plus, we also must look at the
storyline of _Forrest Gump_....a movie that chronicles the resent history
of the United States, patriotic in every way, and that portrays values that
are becoming more popular in the US. Pulp and Priscilla? Murderers and Trans-
vestites. Maybe good for us, but not so to those who were raised on Bogie and
Shawn William Smart
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