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>        No, he was there!  Did you see?  And he was crying and couldn't even
>talk--just said "Grazie."  I was crying too.
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I might have been puzzled by the Japanese commentator, who said something
to the effect that Antonioni was one of the directors to whom the
distinction between "movie" and "film" mattered, right when he got
the award, and I heard the woman who was with A. (commentator: his
wife) saying something about silence and film, and that for A.,
silence had always mattered, and therefore he wouldn't say
anything. I found that witty - didn't notice that he was simply
too moved to speak.
BTW, if anybody ever comes up with how stupid Japanese TV is,
I am going to hold up the Award show as topping the
"how dumb&numb TV can be"-chart.
Birgit Kellner
Institute for Indian Philosophy
University of Hiroshima