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>I have just read a biography about the founder of the Cinematheque Francaise,
>Henri Langlois. It is titled "First Citizen of Cinema" Written by
>Cinematheque associate Glenn Myrent and Langlois' brother Georges, it is a
>superb evocation of  what a passion for cinema means and I recommend it
>wholeheartedly. It is a Twayne imprint distributed by Simon &
>Shuster/Macmillan & Prentice-Hall (has every publisher merged into one?) in
>hard cover and paper.
>Gene Stavis, School of Visual Arts - NYC
>                          * * * *  * *
A good companion book to, Henri Langlois; first citizen of Cinema, is
Penelope Houston's, KEEPERS OF THE FRAME, The Film Archives. 1994 BFI.  It
is a well written book on the various international archive movements.  Iris
Berry at MOMA, Langlois at his cinematheque, lindgren at NFA in the UK, as
well as a host of other movers & shakers.  A very good read.
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