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I'm aware that this question is subject of an endless discussion, but I
struggle with it.
At the moment, I'm comparing the scene on the steps in THE UNTOUCHABLES
(1987) with that in BRONENOSETS POTYOMKIN (Eisenstein, 1925) for my final
report on 'filmic intertextuality'.
Allthough, I won't doubt of De Palma's erudition, I wonder why he pre-
tended on the Festival of Venice that Potemkin and Eisenstein have nothing
to do with it, while, IMHO, the idea of the pram is imitation (parody=
transformation). Consequently, my conclusion is: pure plagiarism.
But what with De Palma's alibis: the sailors. Coincidence or acknowledging
reference? Maybe is De Palma a bee that can only steal from others and
transform it into something delicious?
I don't expect a full answer, I'll be satisfied with some thoughts.
                Baldwin Van Gorp, University of Antwerp, Belgium.