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>A couple of unrelated queries I thought I'd throw out and see if anybody can
>help me with.  First, I'm looking for any information about director Stephen
>Roberts, who I know worked at Paramount on "The Story of Temple Drake" (1933).
>All I can find out about him is that he was from West Virginia and that he died
>in a car accident.  Can anyone help me with any more info, such as other films
>he directed, his marital status, etc.
>And second, does anyone know of any in-depth articles or analyses of Paul
>Newman?  In particular, I'm interested in any stuff about Newman and
>masculinity (I'm working on "The Long Hot Summer").  With all the recent
>anthologies on masculinity in the cinema, I've probably missed some stuff.
>Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  You can reply to me personally
>if you wish.  Thanks in advance.
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There is a small citation & a filmograhy in Ephraim Katz's Film Encyclopedia
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