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A couple of unrelated queries I thought I'd throw out and see if anybody can
help me with.  First, I'm looking for any information about director Stephen
Roberts, who I know worked at Paramount on "The Story of Temple Drake" (1933).
All I can find out about him is that he was from West Virginia and that he died
in a car accident.  Can anyone help me with any more info, such as other films
he directed, his marital status, etc.
And second, does anyone know of any in-depth articles or analyses of Paul
Newman?  In particular, I'm interested in any stuff about Newman and
masculinity (I'm working on "The Long Hot Summer").  With all the recent
anthologies on masculinity in the cinema, I've probably missed some stuff.
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  You can reply to me personally
if you wish.  Thanks in advance.
                                   Matt Ramsey
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