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On Tue, 21 Mar 1995 14:28:07 CST Marc Pitre said:
>                                                          FSU graduate
>film students get TONS of hands on experience.  In the first year,
>students work with 16mm film and digital sound and editing equipment, all
>of which is funded by FSU.  FSU may have it's share of problems, but
>hands-on access to equipment is not one of them.
This observation begs the question as to whose films/videos are being
created by this hands-on experience.  University-level film school is
presumably more than a technical experience.
Yet there are schools (several of the really big ones) where a few stars
get to write or direct a film/video while the lesser beings serve as
their crews with plenty of "hands-on access."
Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
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