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Volume 36, Number 1  (Spring 1995)
ISSN  0036-9543
EDITORS:  John Caughie, Simon Frith, Sandra Kemp, Norman
King, Annette Kuhn, Karen Lury, Jackie Stacey
Framing Experience:  case studies in the reception of _Oranges
are Not the Only Fruit_.  Julia Hallam and Margaret Marshment
(p. 1)
From the dark ages to the golden age:  women's memories and
TV reruns.  Lynn Spigel  (p. 16)
Cinema/memory/history.  Susannah Radstone  (p. 34)
"A live commercial for icing sugar."  Researching the historical
audience:  gender and broadcast television in the 1950s.
Janet Thumin  (p. 48)
"Turbulent Europe:  conflict, identity and culture," EFTSC 1994.
Karen Lury  (p. 56)
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, 1994.  Heike Klippel
(p. 59)
Letter from Canada.  Will Straw  (p. 63)
Masculinity and its discontents.  Kaja Silverman, _Male
Subjectivity at the Margins_.  John Fletcher  (p. 65)
Carol J. Clover, _Men, Women and Chainsaws: Gender in the
Modern Horror Film_; Barbara Creed, _The Monstrous--Feminine:
Film, Feminism, and Psychoanalysis_.  Lizzie Francke (p. 75)
Sonia Livingstone and Peter Lunt, _Talk on Television:
Audience Participation and Public Debate_.  Kay Richardson
(p. 79)
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