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Emily Zants accuses the Literature/Film Quarterly and its editor of
being irresponsible.  I would like to clarify two points and (I hope)
bring this topic to an end.  First, the publication project for which
these people submitted proposals has no connection to the Literature/
Film Quarterly.  The Literature/Film Quarterly is a completely
independent journal published here at Salisbury State University.  It
has been published regularly for 23 years and is well recognized in the
field of film studies.  There is no basis for calling it irresponsible.
Secondly, Jim Welsh was not the person designated to receive or respond
to the book proposals.  At the time all this was going on he was in fact
teaching in eastern Europe.
Making accusations against the wrong people is certainly irresponsible
and all the more regrettable when it's done in a public forum.
Kathryn Kalmanson
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