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>Subject: Cannes Film Festival
>        Anybody knows anything about students working at the Cannes Film
>Festival?  One of my students asked me and all I know is that I saw
>American students working in the American Pavilion in 1992.
>        Any leads?  Phone numbers?  Anything?  Thank you.
I don't think the Festival itself will engage students. Never saw it. But
a big part of the festival is not run by the festival itself: the market.
It takes place in the "bunker" itself, in a lot of tents and pavillons
around, and in some hotel suites. There indeed might be chances to find
a job. Only, the way would be to contact the exhibitors directly -- the
festival wouldn't have any influence. Your student should find out (good
exercise) which American exhibitors will be going to Cannes; and should
contact them. Same could be done with some British exhibitors like the
British Film Institute in London (installing every year a big pavillon).
By the way, to know at least some French wouldn't be too bad for a job
in France.
Because of the presidential elections in France, the festival was post-
poned for one week: May 17 to 28.
Hope this helps.
Klaus Eder
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