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Ulf Dalquist wrote:
>I'm amazed to find this on SCREEN-L. No discussion of identification processes.
>Nothing about perception analysis. Not a word about the difference between the
>funcions of violence in for instance action films and horror films. No analysis
>of underlying norms, values and moral motives in the depiction of violence. No
>nothing exept an equalization between screen violence and real violence. As I
>said, I'm amazed.
Here's a clue, Ulf: I'm not an academic.
However, I'm quite certain all those questions have been analyzed ad nauseum.
The violence continues to spread unchecked. Just why do YOU suppose that
firearms have acquired such a mystique in America that everyone has to own
at least six or seven, including an assault rifle, and a couple of pocket
to pack when grocery shopping (a slight exaggeration...)?
David Smith
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