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> >They want ... $30 handling and admin fee payable to The American
> >Pavillion, Inc.
> Reading your remarks in far Europe, I am sometimes really astonished
> about an American mentality to earning money on every corner. They need
> people for a job -- and the people should pay for it?
        I am not here to defend the United States, but application fees
are required for most applications--universities, etc.  Isn't it true of
other countries too?
        The American Pavilion does not even want people for *a job,* it
is a non-paid internship.  So, if you want it is even more ironic.  But,
as I said, the application fee covers administrative costs.  I believe it
is a wondeful opportunity for students and I want to thank the person who
responded to my request for info. so promptly.  Maybe Venice and--yes,
Berlin! should learn and make such opportunities available.
        Gloria Monti