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Gloria Monti writes:
"        The film world does *not* revolve around the binary opposition
between European and US cinema.  Both are Eurocentric constructs, by the
way.  I do not believe that the point of contention here should be
whether or not to insert discussions of European cinema to "cure"
Screen-L of its tendency to address primarily US cinema.  We should maybe
include discussions of cinemas which are neither European nor US to
expand our horizons beyond these two options.  Maybe some Third Cinema
(in the words of Paul Willemen)?"
It's a question that the world has dealt with for at least 80 years, as
various countries have tried in various ways to deal with the hegemony of
Hollywood product--which sort of ensures that a lot of discussion will be
centered on U.S. film (etc.).  I'd rather like to see more discussion of
World TV as well, that stretches beyond what we get from US and British
--Don Larsson, Mankato State U., MN