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Don Larsson's comment on Fellini's post-dubbing reminded me of the
actually "dubbed" version of his Amarcord, which I originally obtained on
a video rental without asking for it and somewhat disgruntled.  I
generally detest dubbings, because they're done with little or no sense
of the music and flow of the original language.  But this was something
different, and for a long time I held it up as the finest example of
dubbing-into-English I knew.  Real loving care was taken by the producers
in the selection of the English voice-actors.  They were uniformly
"right," I thought, and Fellini-esque; although that raises other issues,
I'm aware.  Anyway, you might like to check that film out in the dubbed
There's also some curious off-synch "dub" effect in E La Nave Va.