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Well, this doesn't prove Jeremy Butler's non-virtual existence,
but as I was waiting for the MOMA screening of early films to begin at, a
man sat down next to another man and said, "Jeremy, how's Alabama?" I thought,
"Could it be?"   Before I could
catch a glimpse at this supposed Jeremy's badge, the screening started.
I had to leave early to catch a panel back at the hotel, so I can't confirm
that this was indeeed Jeremy Butler.  But it's a start--Jim
Gloria Monti wrote:
  I went to SCS in New York with high hopes of actually meeting the
illustrious Jeremy Butler.  However, I, nor anyone else I spoke to,
actually ran into Jeremy Butler at the conference.  Which bring me to my
question: does this man actually exist? :-)
        Anyway, I heard rumors that he was running Screen-l from his
hotel room...
        Gloria Monti