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The case of _The Cool World_ demonstrates what's wrong with the distribution
of non-theatrical films on video.  It was made in 1963 and released on video
in the early 1980s.  It was released by Zipporah Films (Frederick Wiseman's
shop) and Video Yesterday (home video).  It is currently out-of-print in
the $59.95 home video version, but in-print from Zipporah Films.  We
purchased it for a black film course recently and paid Zipporah $350 for
it.  Although the cataloging record from the Library of Congress lists
Frederick Wise as the producer and Shirley Clarke as the director and
editor (she also co-wrote the screenplay), the label on the front of the
videocassette says "Produced, directed and edited by: Frederick Wiseman."
Anyway, I would call Video Yesteryear (sorry for the error above-it's
Yesteryear) to see if they might have a copy -- 800/243-0987.  Or you might
want to try borrowing it on interlibrary loan.  Lots of libraries own a
copy.  Good luck...
Kristine Brancolini
Film Studies Librarian
Indiana University Libraries
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