On March 15, 1991, at 19:42:11 CST, SCREEN-L's first message went
winging out into the ether.
Since then, several thousand messages have been shared, a (very) few
flames have been fanned, and many new cyber-pals have been made.  In these
four years we've seen the Internet transform from a cloistered hang-out
for computer-literate academics into the 1990's hottest buzzword, and we've
watched our membership grow from a constant of around 300 to 755
(last I checked) hard-riding cultural scholars/teachers/students.
We've adapted to new technologies by gatewaying SCREEN-L to Usenet
(bit.listserv.screen-l), providing the SCREEN-L archives through
Gopher (ua1vm.ua.edu), and constructing a brand new World Wide Web
site:  SCREENsite (http://www.sa.ua.edu/tcf/welcome.htm).
And our operating software (LISTSERV) has been improved, too, so that,
for example, users may now receive a daily INDEX of the messages
posted here (instead of each and every message that's posted).
Thanks, SCREEN-Litarians, for your support and participation during
the past 48 months!
Now if only I can figure a way to get those dang error messages out of
my mailbox...
Median wage for a man with a master's            US$47,260
Median wage for a woman with a master's          US$35,081
Median wage for a man w/a high school diploma    US$26,766
Meidan wage for a woman w/a high school diploma  US$18,648
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