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        My name is Jennifer Rowland.  I am currently working on my senior
thesis which is an examination of different family forms in the Disney films of
1950 through 1966.  In my research, I have hypothesized that although Disney
presents a great variety of different family forms, the conclusions to his
films suggest that the traditional form is best, strong and eternal.  I am
focusing on the following films:
                LADY AND THE TRAMP
                THE PARENT TRAP
                MARY POPPINS
                THE JUNGLE BOOK
I have consulted works dealing both with Disney and his films and examinations
of the family, including:
                THE DISNEY VERSION, Richard Schickel
                THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY, Diane Disney Miller
                THE ART OF WALT DISNEY, Christopher Finch
                HOLLYWOOD IN THE AGE OF TELEVISION, ed. Tino Balio
                DISNEY DISCOURSE, ed. Eric Smoodin
                THE WAY WE NEVER WERE, Stephanie Coontz
 Any suggestions for other sources of information would be greatly appreciated.
                                Thank you,
                                Jennifer Rowland
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