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On Thu, 9 Mar 1995, Yves Lever wrote:
> A suggestion: for us, the non-American, could the correspondant identify
> the city from which they write. The indication YYY university or ZZZ
> college are not enough...
        Why this?  It sounds like an essentializing move to me: I am from
there, therefore I can say this as a--say, Israeli.  Also, writing from a
city does not mean that the wroter is from that city, necessarily, so
what purpose would this information serve?
        But if you need to know, I am writing from New Haven, CT (USA)
and yet I am one of *us, the non Americans,* born and raised in Milano,
Italy.  Europe, that is!  And I abhor eurocentrism despite my cultural
ties to Europe.  That's why I believe that declaring one's own city--so
to speak, would not say anything about our beliefs.
        Gloria Monti