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<<The Morodor version is listed by Maltin at 87 minutes, compared to 120 for
the original!  I assume there was some hacking away done (although
projection speed--or printing to compensate for silent speed) might be a
factor.  I'm sure someone out there can fill us in on that.  I'm also
curious how the "monochrome" colorization compares to whatever original
tinting might have been used.>>
I address some of these issues in my previous post, but I must add that the
Maltin book is certainly not trustworthy, particularly in the case of silent
films. Silent films were often timed at silent speed (16-18fps), which would
not add anything but tedium to "Metropolis". Also, the superimposition of
titles, rather than their having extra time for themselves could also account
for the discrepancy. I know of no-one who says that Moroder cut anything out
of "Metropolis" -- on the contrary, he restored long lost footage.
Gene Stavis, School of Visual Arts - NYC