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>    It seems curious that when a movie is being made, not the writer,
> director, actors,producers, nor anyone else on the set engages in weighty
> esoteric analysis of what's being shot. They simply take a script, (each
> with his, or her own particular talents to admix) and they shoot the
> movie.WYSIWYG.
>                          Danny H.
It is amazing how untrue this statement is.  Granted, you will never see
the writer, director and actors sit around a table each giving a
dissertation about what the film their shooting means, but to think that
some discussion does not enter the equation and that such thoughts do not
go on in a filmmaker's head (and I am not limiting that term to
directors) is ludicrous.  WYSI*NOT ALWAYS*WYG.  If that were the case,
why would people like Martin Scorsese and Francis Coppola not only direct
film but study it in a scholarly fashion.  Hell, Scorsese analyzes his
own films and talks about their religious subtext all the time.
I don't know Danny H. or what he does, but as someone working in the film
industry with independent filmmakers every day, it would seem to me that
I won't be seeing him around any day soon.
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