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                          Now inviting submissions for
                             CRITICAL MASS vol. 5.1
_Critical Mass_ is in its fifth year.  We continue to publish the critical
and creative work of graduate students of English: innovative essays on
literature and theory, book reviews, poetry, short fiction, etc.  We
also welcome opinion pieces on the job market, pedagogy, graduate programs
and other topics of interest to graduate students of English.
Issue 4.2 contains:
        Cynthea Masson, "Desire Waiting for a Response: Fantasizing
                Theories of the Lesbian Love Letter"
        Sharon Hamilton, "Kissing Clarissa"
        Nancy Pearson, "The Edenic Myth in Stephen Friesen's _The
        Fiction by Michael Kohn; poetry by Kathy Mac; and reviews by
        Julia Swan and Michael Greene.
Submissions to should follow MLA format.  To facilitate our process of
anonymous reading, the author's name should not appear on the manuscript.
Please include a self-addressed, self-stamped return envelope.  Send your
submissions to:
                Critical Mass
                Department of English
                Dalhousie University
                Halifax, Nova Scotia
                B3H 3J5
You can also send e-mail inquiries and abstracts (or, if you feel up to it,
the entire document) to [log in to unmask]
*** We welcome submissions at any time, but the deadline for our next issue
*** is May 15, 1995.