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>>A colleague of mine wanted some information on the Jerry Springer show >of
>a few weeks ago in which the topic was men who sleep with their baby
>>sitters. Apparently the guests were faking it and were members of a
>>Canadian comedy troupe. My colleague is looking for any written sources or
>>stories about this. I told him I would post to the list for help. Does
>>anyone have any info on what happened and some sources. Replies can be
>>back channel if you wish. Thanks for the assistance.
>>Ron Large
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There was an article in "Electronic Media"'s February 13 issue; probably
covered in "Broadcasting" too.  For your information, a group of University
of Wisconsin students pulled off a similar hoax last November on Springer
with the topic "women who love men who are addicted to pornography" or some
such.  I can give you info on that if you would like.
Michele Hilmes
University of Wisconsin-Madison