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        I went to SCS in New York with high hopes of actually meeting the
illustrious Jeremy Butler.  However, I, nor anyone else I spoke to,
actually ran into Jeremy Butler at the conference.  Which bring me to my
question: does this man actually exist? :-)
        Anyway, I heard rumors that he was running Screen-l from his
hotel room...
        Gloria Monti
(Moderator's note:  This post is a bit self-serving, but I couldn't
resist cuz the Subject line is something I've often pondered
myself.  Heh heh heh.  And I *was* at SCS, but only as a hologram
projected into the atrium of the Holiday Inn.  P.S.  I *did* run
SCREEN-L from my room at the Wellington.  Pitiful, eh, that I wasn't
up to more serious mischief?)