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On Sat, 4 Mar 1995, Freelancr wrote regarding sending printed texts over the
>Scan it & then use OCR software to change it to a text file, then just cut &
>paste into yer post. The cheapest scanner made, BtW, is the fax machine next
>to the coffee maker, just fax the document into yer computer, then use the
>OCR (that's Optical Character  Recognition) software & presto chango, just
>a good double check...OCR isn't THAT good...
And, by the same token, buy some Quicktime or Video For Windows equipment,
digitize some of Freelancr's music videos off the air, and send them too!
 (Insert smiley if you must.)
Mike, It seems to me that your glib pirating advice doesn't quite jibe with
your stated concern for the artist's intent in the filmmaking process.  As a
filmmaker myself, I'm daunted by the easy acceptance of copyright violation.
 I've had people actually say to me, "I loved your movie so much I made
several copies for my friends."
Arn McConnell
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