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The International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) had installed a jury
at the 45. International Berlin Film Festival (February 9-20), awarding the
Prize of the International Film Critics (in three different categories:
Competition, International Forum of Young Cinema, Panorama).
The jury was composed by Marcel Martin (France, president), Oksana Bulgakowa
(Germany), Adina Darian (Romania), Atilla Dorsay (Turkey), Irene Genhart
(Switzerland), Andras Gervai (Hungary), David Robinson (Great Britain),
Jonathan Rosenbaum (USA), Neya Zorkaya (Russia).
   "Smoke" by Wayne Wang (USA),
   "for offering an alternative to the mainstream while adhering to the
literary integrity of Paul     Auster's writing and exhibiting several
first-rate performances".
International Forum of Young Cinema:
   "Citizen Langlois" by Edgardo Cozarinsky (France)
   "a brilliant essay revealing a multifaceted grasp of a major pioneer for
whom cinema was the         ultimate nationality".
   "Priest" by Antonia Bird (Great Britain)
   "for its skill in exploring very contemporary problems with humor,
tolerance and     narrative vitality".
Panorama, Special mention:
   "Tokyo Kyodai" by Jun Ichikawa (Japan)
   "for its thematic and stylistic originality in describing everday life in
a major city".
Klaus Eder
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