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FIPRESCI - International Federation of Film Critics
Rotterdam Film Festival 1995
Prize of the International Film Critics:
Youchai (The Postman) by He Jianjun (China)
   for the sober, rigorous and uncompromising portrayal of a disturbed
Special mention:
Tous les garcons et les filles
   a series by IMA Productions, directed by Chantal Akerman, Olivier
Assayas, Olivier Dahan, Emile    Deleuze, Claire Denis, Laurence Ferreira
Barbosa, Cedric Kahn, Patricia Mazuy, Andre Techine
   This series proves that cinema and television can successfully co-exist,
given the right    premises.
The jury was composed by Dan Fainaru (Israel, president), Rob de Kam
(Netherlands), Philip Cheah (Singapore), Vincent Musette USA), Alexander
Rais (Italy).
Date of the Festival: January 25 - February 5.
Klaus Eder
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