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> I was watching the Simpsons the other night and Homer's voice seemed
>      oddly out of place.  Is there a new Homer on the show and, if so,
>     how good is his "Doooought!!"?  Do the writers own this now infamous
>   exclamation or does it belong to the voice that made it famous?
>                                              just wondering
>                                                 dan hawthorne
The shows from the first year(s?) had a different voice for Homer.  Also he
was not nearly as dumb.  Also Bart was merely an underachiever, whereas now
he is a pretty complex character.  I don't think that there was the
homoeroticism between Br. Burns and Smithers--at least not so blatent.
All in all, I think the show is much more adult-humor oriented, and
self-reflexive.  There are some episodes where I watch and I know they are a
spoof/tribute to other well-known texts (e.g. Cape Fear, Citizen Kane.)
I feel The Simpsons is probably one of the most intelligent shows on TV
these days.
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