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Many of the following books that we publish are used in 50 film and video
course throughout the country.  I hope this helps.
 We've been publishing these best-selling books for over 12 years to help
film and video professionals find success with their productions.
If you are interested in any of these books please call 1-800-379-8808 and
speak with Lori Copeland.  Thank you.
Shaking the Money Tree
How to Get Grants and Donations for Film & Video
by Morrie Warshawski
$24.95, 283 pp.,
ISBN 0-941188-13-2
Dazed and confused by the frustrating world of grants and donations?  This
book demystifies the entire maze of grant world hustling and provides
easy-to-follow guidelines.
Warshawski is the nation's leading fund-raising consultant for media artists.
Over the past two decades, he has assisted dozens of independent producers,
created over 400
written proposals, participated on numerous grant panels, and advised
countless institutional clients.
"Most how-to books are instantly disposable.  Not this one.  Put it on your
shelf, under your pillow, give it to your trustees, and always have your copy
handy.  You'll be using it a lot."  Brian O'Doherty, Director, Media Arts
Program, National Endowment for the Arts.
Mythic Structure for Storytellers & Screenwriters
by Christopher Vogler
Kraszna-Krausz Book Award Nominee
$23.95, 188 pages, ISBN 0-941188-18-3
An insider's look at how master storytellers from Hitchcock to Spielberg have
used mythic structure to create powerful stories.  Writers will discover
step-by-step guidelines and learn how to structure plots and create realistic
characters.  Own a copy of the book that has become "required reading" in one
of Hollywood's major studios.
Film Directing
by Steven D. Katz
$24.95, 376 pp., 7 x 10
750 illustrations and photos
ISBN 0-941188-10-8
The most sought after book in Hollywood by top directors is filled with
visual techniques for filmmakers and screenwriters to expand their stylistic
knowledge.  Includes storyboards from Spielberg, Welles and Hitchcock.
Film Directing
by Steven D. Katz
$24.95, 7 x 10, 320 pp.,
200 illus., ISBN 0-941188-14-0
The long-awaited sequel to Katz's best-seller "Shot by Shot." Easy-to-follow
staging and blocking guides with 24 basic variations covering many dialogue
and dramatic situations. Use it on the set! Includes insights from John
Sayles, Van Ling, Dusty Smith, Ralph Singleton, Allan Daviau, and Harold
by Michael Wiese
176 pp., illustrations, $19.95,
ISBN: 0-941188-15-9
Powerful straight talk from one of America's leading independent media
producers.  Read his latest cutting-edge insights on the business of video
including program development, production, financing, marketing and
distribution. Current information about producing, financing, marketing and
creativity that is vital to the video-maker.
by Michael Wiese
$22.95, 300 pp., ISBN 0-941188-11-6
Kraszna-Krausz Book Award Nominee
Praised as a book that prepares producers to get the money!  A "palette" of
creative strategies for producers in financing their feature films and video
projects.  Interviews with the producers of "sex, lies & videotape,"  "Trip
to Bountiful," and "Terminator 2."
by Michael Wiese
$18.95, 512 pp., 77 illus., ISBN 0-941188-05-1
Secrets of marketing you can use today! This insiders' book  shares industry
techniques you can use with investors, exhibitors, audiences, distributors,
home video suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. You can't afford not to
read this book.
by Michael Wiese
$18.95, 392 pp., 45 illustrations,
ISBN 0-941188-03-5
A classic bestseller and an independent producer's best friend. Advice on
limited partnerships, writing a prospectus, market research, negotiating,
film markets, pay TV and home video buyers.
by Michael Wiese and Deke Simon
$26.95, 348 pp., 18 budgets,
ISBN 0-941188-22-1
A simple "how-to" budget guide for many types of films and videos. Clearly
written, informal in style, the only book of its kind. Readers can look up
sample budgets similar to their own and find a wealth of savings.
FADE IN: The Screenwriting Process
by Robert A. Berman.
$18.95, 240 pp., ISBN 0-941188-07-8
An excellent fundamental screenwriting book and best-seller.
with Michael Wiese
4 one-hour audiotapes, includes resource guide,
$39.95, ISBN 0-941188-12-4
This 4-hour audiotape presentation from Michael Wiese's
popular and comprehensive American Film Institute seminar describes a variety
of insider financing and marketing strategies for successful video
productions.  Covers program development, creative marketing , financing
structures, pitching, distribution deals, sponsorship, and  co-productions.
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