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As the editor of CINEMA JOURNAL, I am naturally compelled to answer this
post immediately!  Please examine CINEMA JOURNAL, which should be in any
decent college library, or join the Society for Cinema Studies whose
membership includes a subscription to CJ.  We publish four times a year
and, without any undue modesty (since I am only the latest editor) CJ is
generally considered one of the most important of the English-language
academic journals.
    And yes, the Velvet Light Trap is still publishing (Univ. of Texas
Press, which also published CJ for SCS) and so is Literature/Film
Quarterly.  Also, Film Criticism does a nice job, as does Post Script and
there's also the Quarterly Review of Film and Video.  Also, there's Film
History, too.  There are others, still, but these are good places to begin.
David Desser,UIUC Cinema Studies
2109 FLB/707 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL  61801