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        Hello.  My name is Brian Mangin, a senior at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison.  I am currently doing a research project in which I am
looking at gesture and movement as it is performed in popular culture media
forms - and specifically as it relates to how gender is performed through
this movement.
        Being not terribly well versed (viewed?) in film history, I am
soliciting opinions about specific films to look at.  What I am looking for
are films in four different time periods (1920-40, 1940-60, 1960-80, and
1980-present) in which the plot centers around a male-female couple who
display stereotypical gender roles.  I am also looking for (in the same
time periods) examples of films with non-stereotypical gender roles (Annie
Oakley, for example).  I am specifically looking for more popular films (as
opposed to art-films).
        All responses/opinions will be greatly appreciated.  Please respond
directly to me, as I am not subscribed to this list.  Any questions, please
email me.
Thank you!
Brian Mangin
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