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    Finally! Heavenly Creatures has arrived in Switzerland. It's been a
    long time since I was so emotionally involved in a film. The terribly
    sad scream with which the film ends would seem to describe the pain
    caused by the severing of such a beautiful intense friendship very
    well. I seem to remember something like that ... A part of me, albeit a
    foolish, reckless part, cannot accept that such a powerful friendship
    could be severed by common law, given that they seemed to have lived by
    their own rules until the real world started to intrude.
    My curiosity about the 'true' story of Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker
    led me to search for the last 100 references to the film in the press.
    As could be expected, the range of qualitative crticism is broad. But I
    was quite surprised to find a few discrepancies in the facts about the
    film, at least as far as my recollection of the narrative goes. So how
    do film reviewers/ critics get all of the facts, such as character
    names, actors, producer, cinematographer etc., for their articles? Do
    they take notes whilst watching the film, dodging round the heads of
    people standing up to leave as the credits roll, or are leaflets
    distributed before or at the showing? Or do the reviewers, rather like
    the girls in Heavenly Creatures, snuggle up to the poster outside for
    the details?
    David Moon