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A question has kept creeping into my mind about all of the avid supporters of
PBS/NPR, who are adding their voices to the recent debate over government
funding.  How many of you, who are against the government cuts, are making
donations during PBS/NPR pledge drives?  I would hate to think there are
"pirate" viewers/listeners(you know who you are!) who are speaking out against
cutting the government funding.  If you are a pirate listener, you should be
putting your money where your mouth is during those pledge drives.  I can watch
PBS and listen to NPR in good conscience since I help support my local
affiliates.  I appreciate the services they provide to me and my community.  If
you aren't making a donation to support PBS/NPR and you are preaching against
the govt. cuts and how PBS/NPR are too valuable to this nation to lose this
money, then shame on you! If you really want to cast a meaningful vote in this
debate, then ante up during the next pledge drive!