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Gene Stavis asks:
"Also, can anyone recall a major PBS series that has been less publicized? Did
anyone care, or were they so unsatisfied with the series that they hoped it
would pass unnoticed?"
You're right. It hasn't received a great deal of promotion for its original
broadcast, but it *was* very heavily promoted for its education rights
spinoffs--satellite taping, direct sale videotapes, a textbook with
separate faculty guide and study guide.  I don't know of any PBS effort that
was being sold to academics so heavily over a year before the actual
broadcast.  (I haven't had time to watch the series myself, but am taping
Out of curiosity--how do people think it compares to HOLLYWOOD: THE GOLDEN
YEARS or the series that Kevin Brownlowe put together around 1980 (?).
--Don Larsson, Mankato State U., MN