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Perhaps Mr. Jarvik would also like to supply us with such information as
his salary, his political affiliations, his religious affiliations, any
donations to social/religious/political/"charitable" organizations in
excess of $250 which he has made, his employment history, his race, sex,
and sexual orientation.
If these are the types of questions to which he wishes to subject CBP
employees, then let us not have a double standard.  One will do, although
I'm sure I am not the only one who considers this line of interrogation
and intimidation to be not only immoral, immature, and unwarranted, but also
quite possibly illegal.  Anyone with some sense of cultural/political history
will remember a junior Senator from Wisconsin who, in an attempt to score
political brownie points, helped forge an attack against so-called
Let us pray that the Larrys Pressler and Jarvik do not have a similar
agenda in mind.
Edward B Hargrove
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign