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Martin Jukovsky writes:
>I was very disappointed in the 1/13 episode of X-Files.  The series is
>supposed to be about investigating occurrences of the paranormal and
>supernatural.  This episode was nothing but an inept ripoff of Silence of the
>Lambs.  Complete with woman in peril.  Is this the new direction for the show?
 >Freaks, stalkers, and all sorts of sleazy what-have-you?  I was doubly pissed
>because I allow my 10-year-old daughter to watch the show, since she likes
>science fiction and supernatural horror.  I wouldn't let her see Silence of
>the Lambs (an excellent adult film), so I was distressed that she had been
>drawn into watching this episode.
I haven't seen that episode of X-Files, but this post brings up a larger issue
-- as I understand it,  X-Files is not designed to be a show for children.
This doesn't mean that it has to be off-limits to kids, but when you're talking
about a show for adults I don't think it's fair to say an episode is poor
because its subject isn't suitable for your child.
That said, it sounds like that episode was pretty lame.
Molly Olsen
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