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In 1994  a programme of "such" cartoons titled Cartoons Spoof Hollywood
was screened around NZ at various Film Festivals.  The programme was prepared
by Jayne Pilling and Robin Barker for the British Film Institute.  The cartoons
all came from Warner Bros Termite Terrace studio. They were:
Page Miss Glory (Tex Avery, 1936)
Slick Hare (Fritz Freleng, 1947)
Thugs with Dirty Mugs (Tex Avery, 1939)
You Ought to be in Pictures (Fritz Freleng, 1940)
Past Perfumance (Chuck Jones, 1955)
What's up Doc? (Robert McKimson, 1950)
Plane Daffy (FrankTashlin, 1944)
Duck Amuck (Chuck Jones, 1953)
Bacall to Arms (Robert Clampett, 1946)
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (Robert Clampett, 1946)
Scarlet Pumpernickel (Chuck Jones, 1950)
Happy Hunting,
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