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Duck Amuck (Warners 1950s, Dir: Chuck Jones, I think) is a great example of
many references to the process of cinema and animation  which suggests that
these cartoons are made as much for adults as for kids (not that kids don't
pick up on the references or jokes as well). This one involves Daffy Duck in
a dialogue with the animator who keeps playing jokes on him by erasing the
background to confuse Daffy's sense of the "role" he is playing. Daffy is
continually re-drawn in different costumes etc and becomes increasingly
frustrated, finally telling the animator "look bud, I'm doing my part..."
The re-costuming is interesting also in Bugs Bunny. Whenever Bugs is in
trouble he(?) dresses in drag as a disguise. The transvestite bunny seems to
be imitating hollywood stars. These cartoons should be considered in light of
feminist concerns of th"masquarade" and the assuming of masculine identity in
There are a great deal of cartoons to consider in light of these issues.
Darrell Varga
York University Graduate Student
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