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>...  instances of sound/image discontinuity raise the issue of the
>discursive impact of television sound as compared to that of its image.
>That is, why is it "safe" to *show* IRA members, but not to *hear* them?
>It reinforces the notion that TV is just radio with pictures, that the main
>televisual impact is based in the sound, that television's images are just
>there to augment the information that is predominantly carried by the
>Can anyone contribute other instances of such sound/image discontinuity
>being used to support an ideological agenda?
Discussions of the importance of sound (its prominance) within the
televisual apparatus occur in a number of different recent  essays. Most
obviously in relation to MTV. Although, this example is not the same type
of sound/image discontinuity that  you cited in the above.
It is an important issue. I can find you some references it you like?
Allan Siegel
SAIC, Chicago
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