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<<A colleague of mine is trying to find an American film, presumably from a
studio, about the development of the Atomic Bomb at Los Alamos.  He says it
made some time between 1947 and 1950.>>
I think the film you are referring to is "The Bginning or the End", a 1947
MGM film which, in simplistic semi-documentary style, recreated the Los
Alamos project. It was directed by Norman Taurog (!) and starred Brian
Donlevy, Robert Walker and Hume Cronyn. I have no idea if it is available on
video, but it is owned by Turner Pictures.
NOTE: Do NOT confuse with the 1957 "The Beginning of the End" which is an
amzingly inept low-grade horror film about giant grasshopers.
Gene Stavis, School of Visual Arts - NYC